Service List

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Name Description Photo Active Date Added Reservation Limit
Lawncare Responsible for mowing and taking care of the grass. 12/3/2018 5 Details
Patio Any brick or stone work that is made for back patios, walkways, etc. 12/3/2018 5 Details
Trimming Makes your bushes and trees look as beautiful as ever 12/3/2018 5 Details
Retaining Wall Keeping the architecture of your yard, and to make water run the way it should out your yard 12/3/2018 5 Details
Pool Designed and created based on what you want. You deserve to relax in your brand new pool this coming summer! 12/3/2018 1 Details
Landscaping The overall architecture around the outside of your home. Landscape beds, plants, edging, etc. 12/3/2018 5 Details
Christmas Lighting test 12/14/2018 5 Details